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10/12/2007 - #500: oval (380KB)  
The rather generically-named 'oval' is also known as Monument Park - a fantasy 1-mile quad-oval, lightly banked, feels more like a road course. No AI, graphically 'ok'.
10/12/2007 - #499: motegi (318KB)  
The oval course at Twin Ring Motegi. Very basic, no AI, draw-ahead probs, no trackside objects except for one flickery grandstand, etc.
10/12/2007 - #498: lingotto (358KB)  
Lingotto is the test track (a tiny oval with banked hairpins) built on top of the old Fiat factory, as seen in the original "The Italian Job ". No AI, and the pitboxes apparently overlap, making 'practice' an exciting thing, akin to the Big Bang, but with F1 cars instead of atomic particles. It'd be a nice track to see finished, as it's historically semi-relevant (not that it held races!), and it's fun to drive. Get cracking, you (hypothetical) AI-making, track-editing dudes!
10/12/2007 - #497: langhorn (391KB)  
Langhorne Speedway as a real, 1-mile slightly-banked circular track, shut down after 1971. This track is graphically empty, and has no AI - but how hard could it be to fix that?!?
10/12/2007 - #496: cmblltwn (404KB)  
Cambelltown (which probably should be spelled 'Campbelltown', but hell, it's not my track!), is a flat (but bumpy) 1-mile dirt oval. Basically a horse-racing track, but with F1 cars. Go figure. No AI, needs the pitboxes adjusted, and has a distractingly-twinkly fence texture, but it doesn't seem like it'd be that hard to finalize.

P.S. The 'dirt' on the cover isn't just a pile of random noise - it contains a hidden 'thingy' for those who can see.

10/12/2007 - #495: camden (350KB)  
Camden International Motor Speedway is a fantasy oval, and one of the prettiest damned things I've seen in a while. There's no AI, and a goofy static helicopter mip to be removed, but otherwise, this would be a great addition to any oval-drivers collection. Seriously - someone finish this puppy!
10/12/2007 - #494: brook (395KB)  
Brooklands (built in 1907) was the first permanent race track in Britain. Given that parts of it have since been deleted and turned into office space, it wasn't all that permanent, after all, which is a pity. This particular layout is a large, hilly banked oval (with a kink) - different and interesting. The track has working AI, needs some texture work and draw-ahead fixes. It'd be nice to see this one finished, as it's legendary, and even more relevant with all the pre-60s GPL mods that are (eventually!) coming.
10/12/2007 - #493: akron (368KB)  
Akron Speedway is a fantasy, 1.4 mile heavily banked oval by Eric and Mark. Even the straights are banked, making it feel like a jumbo-sized version of Bristol. The track has working AI, nice grandstands and infield 'stuff', but needs some draw-ahead issues fixed. Otherwise, seems like a fine, enjoyable standalone oval track - no N3 conversion necessary.
09/24/2007 - #492: yamato (557KB)  
Part of the Let's Cover All the PolarBlue21 Tracks, Already initiative. Yamato is a high-speed (largely flat-out) fantasy road course. Pretty enjoyable, too.
09/24/2007 - #491: tokachi (344KB)  
Part of the Let's Cover All the PolarBlue21 Tracks, Already initiative. Tokachi International Speedway is a real Japanese track - kind of flat and boring, though...
09/24/2007 - #490: tiaida (438KB)  
Part of the Let's Cover All the PolarBlue21 Tracks, Already initiative. TI Circuit Aida is a real international-level Japanese track. It's also a quite-nice GPL track for all cars.
09/24/2007 - #489: szk78 (620KB)  
Part of the Let's Cover All the PolarBlue21 Tracks, Already initiative. Arguably the best version of Suzuka out there. Suzu00 is prettier, but the AI doesn't work... This one has working AI, doesn't have a Casio Triangle, and is darned pleasant.

NOTE: this progset comes complete with a set of textures put together by Ginetto, which fixes the 'test' textures that come with the track. Effectively 'finishes' the track, as far as I'm concerned!

09/24/2007 - #488: sendai (309KB)  
Part of the Let's Cover All the PolarBlue21 Tracks, Already initiative. Sendai Hi-land Raceway is another real Japanese club track. A little tight and complicated for my tastes, but your mileage may vary.
09/24/2007 - #487: moter (346KB)  
Part of the Let's Cover All the PolarBlue21 Tracks, Already initiative. This is the road course at Twin Ring Motegi. A little too long and needlessly complicated, I'd think, but then Honda didn't consult me...
09/24/2007 - #486: mine (355KB)  
Part of the Let's Cover All the PolarBlue21 Tracks, Already initiative. The CP Miné Circuit is a real Japanese club track -- or was, at any rate. It shut down a few years ago. A little too flat and tight for my tastes, if I remember correctly...
09/24/2007 - #485: fuji67 (375KB)  
Part of the Let's Cover All the PolarBlue21 Tracks, Already initiative. Fuji 1967 is the '67 version of Fuji Speedway -- another great fun track, with a huge flat-out (in the '65s) banked first turn, ala Monza 10k.
09/24/2007 - #484: fuji05 (324KB)  
Part of the Let's Cover All the PolarBlue21 Tracks, Already initiative. Fuji 2005 is (obviously) the current version of Fuji Speedway (now back on the modern F1 schedule). Not nearly as much fun as the '67 version, frankly...
09/24/2007 - #483: ebisue (411KB)  
Part of the Let's Cover All the PolarBlue21 Tracks, Already initiative. Ebisu East Course is part of a real Japanese motorsports complex. This track is great fun in the '65s - tightish corners, but lots of elevation changes, downhill chicane braking, etc. Reminds me a lot of Ahvenisto.
09/24/2007 - #482: central (444KB)  
Part of the Let's Cover All the PolarBlue21 Tracks, Already initiative. Central Circuit is a real, club-level Japanese circuit.
09/24/2007 - #481: autop (327KB)  
Part of the Let's Cover All the PolarBlue21 Tracks, Already initiative. Autopolis is a real, modern F1-style, Japanese track.
09/07/2007 - #480: ssid (396KB)  
A progset for the Southside Speedway a 3/8th mile bullring. While the track has a cough certain familiarity, it is final, and doesn't have a progset, so there you go.
09/07/2007 - #479: mildirt (443KB)  
Milwaukee Dirt is final, and appears in the Total Rank. Don't know why it never got the Full BAPOM Treatment, but I'm making up for it now. If you haven't driven this track, you should check it out - its quite challenging, as you basically have hold the car on the edge of spinning out (which it wants to do very easily) for the entire lap. And it's bumpy, too.
09/07/2007 - #478: testtrk (378KB)  
Okay, now I'm doing progsets for 'alpha' tracks... but in my defense, it's a real nice alpha track! Fog Experimental Test Track is a good-looking clockwise oval which Richard Neville did to play around with a cool 'fog effect' he was working on. The results are quite pleasing. Slap some working AI and fix the pits, and it'd be a perfectly pleasant oval!
09/07/2007 - #477: coldland (442KB)  
Coldland is a winterized retextured version of gronland, the long version of 'Glacier'. The track is listed as a beta, but again, I'm sure it's as finished as it's getting. And now it's got a BAPOM progset, finishing it even further...
09/07/2007 - #476: skid (386KB)  
MadCowie's GPL Skid Patch isn't really a 'track' - it's a large paved rectangle in which you can screw around. But it is 'final', so let's progset the mother...
09/07/2007 - #475: piclong (405KB)  
A progset for the long version of Pic du Midi, released back in 2003. The track is quite nice, and despite being officially 'beta' seems to be fully-completed, and worth checking out if you've previously skipped it.
09/07/2007 - #474: longhall (438KB)  
A progset for the long version of the Jim Hall track, by James Sowell.
09/07/2007 - #473: chromak (299KB)  
Chroma Key isn't really a drivable track in its intended form. It's an entirely 'white' world which lets you take screenshots of the cars which can be easily masked and composited into other photos. Combined with the GPL Camera Control thingy, I personally find it useful as all get-out. But since you can't see the track (and there are no walls), it's not something you can drive, unless you retexture it so the track becomes visible.

Inexplicably, it's listed in the TotalRank, so it needs BAPOMification - at least, if one is willing to accept the premise that such is ever needed.

09/07/2007 - #472: reims66 (380KB)  
Another ancient progset from 2002. Drew it up for inclusion in the final release of Andrew Gameson's version of Reims. Unfortunately, Andrew abandoned his project, and the track never made it to 'final' status. In any event, it's as done as it's getting, so if you have it, you might as well have this as well.
09/07/2007 - #471: wmosport (336KB)  
Progset for Wet Mosport - nothing new here, just following the same motif that I'd used on the wet versions of Nurburgring and Spa. Drew this puppy up way back in 2002, don't know why it was never released as an official progset, but, you know, whatever...
09/07/2007 - #470: jyllands (374KB)  
Noticed that the original Beckman/Bourgouin version of the Jyllandsringen is listed on the GPLtd, complete with an ugly cover. There's no particular reason to have this version of the track, as Sergio took their build files and turned them into the recent completed, well-polished jyllan67. But if you have the old track, you might find this progset marginally useful.
09/07/2007 - #469: ndaytona (373KB)  
Just noticed that, while I'd done a 'alternate' progset for Daytona at Night (as part of the nite-bonuspack), I'd never released a standalone BAPOM progset for this track - so it's been promoted!
09/07/2007 - #67 (rerelease): daytona (374KB)  
Same old pages, but the progset now comes with a PDF trackmap and a GEM+ picture. I know, the excitement is palpable.
08/22/2007 - #161 (rerelease): efexx (328KB)  
The fifth track from Van "the man" Gossum follows his standard design philosophy. It's a modern-feeling fantasy track, designed primarily for on-line racing.

Rerelease notes: I've always liked this design, but the original execution (drawn at 281x431) left something to be desired, particularly in these enlightened times. I've gone back and redrawn the thing at full-blown MegaPoster resolution, for my own amusement if nothing else.

08/22/2007 - #468: jyllan67 (336KB)  
A new one from Sergio, the Jyllandsring project has been kicking around for years and years. The track was originally put together (but never released) by Mark Beckman back in 2003 (complete with a secret, unreleased BAPOM progset, for you completionist collector-types). Sergio has taken Beckman's track files and put together a fine complete release, fully up to modern standards.

You don't need to download the program set - it comes with the track.

08/22/2007 - #449 (rerelease): west1990 (389KB)  
Glen Leugner has re-released his lovely Westwood 1990 track, now with more accurate elevations, camber and trackside decoration. The previous version of the track (westwd90) has been withdrawn and replaced by this one (west1990).

You don't need to download the program set - it comes with the track.

08/22/2007 - #467: vconde (400KB)  
Vila do Conde is a new track from Toni Mau (Toniring). It's a city street circuit run in Portugal in the 60s and 70s - this is layout as run in 1972. The track already comes with the real-life cover for the '72 event, such as it is. Consider this cover some (pleasant?) fantasy artwork. Or, you know, don't.
06/26/2007 - #466: vallunga (395KB)  
A lovely new track from Ginetto, this version of Vallelunga runs the opposite direction from Fulvio's, and has a decidedly more 'period' feel to it. Great texture work, and a really nice cover, too!

You don't need to download the program set - it comes with the track.

06/13/2007 - #465: vallelun (387KB)  
Fulvio Policardi (who also did gpvl) has released a new track, a 1971 version of Vallelunga. The track hosted a bunch of F2 races back in the day. Unlike so many of its contemporaries, it still exists, largely unchanged. The track was originally raced anti-clockwise, but was reprofiled and has been raced in the clockwise direction since 1971. This fact will become more relevant in a week or so when Ginetto's 1967 version of the same track is released...
05/29/2007 - #464: cognac (347KB)  
A new French airfield track from Sergio, used for F3/FJunior in the '60s. Pretty nice, more interesting layout than most airfields.

You don't need to download the program set - it comes with the track.

Here's a special 5-track collection for the hard-core collector. Those of you who have checked out Fast Tommi's "GPL Night Mod", may recall that there have been several (5) non-Fast Tommi 'night' tracks released way back in the early days of GPL: the retextured night version of LeMans, the night Charlotte (a Noonan conversion from N3), a retextured Daytona and Silverstone, and the Shutoko Tokyo highway track.

Anyway, it makes sense to play those tracks with the Night Mod, so to that end, here are new covers for all of them that follow the same design scheme as the 'official' night mod tracks. For what that's worth!

05/21/2007 - #463: rivers67 (403KB)  
Another version of Riverside from Smogbike. This one is the same basic track as rivers66, but omits the inner loop, shortcutting from turn 6 directly to turn 8. (The 'stock car' circuit.)
05/21/2007 - #462: rivers66 (381KB)  
A new not-quite-finished track from Smogbike, this one is the full Riverside International Raceway, as it existed in the '60s. Compared to the previous 'official version' of this track (Mark Beckman's usgp1960) this version is shorter, and has the old tighter, unbanked 'turn 9', and no left-kink on the back straight.
05/21/2007 - #461: issoire (352KB)  
Issoire is a real-life club track in France. The GPL version is an effort by first-timer Francois Schott. The track itself is still in beta - but perhaps wrapping a decorative hunk of original art around it will help bring it closer to 'finished' status!
05/21/2007 - #460: ahven (379KB)  
Here's a new real-life Finnish track from Sergio. Great fun to hot-lap in the '65s. Lots of good hills to play with. Reminds me a lot of Amaroo, which is a good thing!
03/26/2007 - #459: montjuic (673KB)  
Montjuich - lots of people have been waiting on this one forever, and now it's out, courtesy of Paul Jackson and the rest of the team. It's described as "the Monte Carlo of Spain" (being a tight street course), but it's way more flowing and fun to drive than Monaco ever was. Great track - get it.

The progset comes with two covers (and GEM+ pictures). If you don't like the '68 (default), use the '69 instead!

03/26/2007 - #458: midoca71 (375KB)  
Been waiting for this one for 7 years... a from-scratch version of MidOhio - not the cruddy old converted-from-ICR2 version! It's a beta, from Smogbike - who has turned it over to "the community" to finish, as he's busy with real-life these days. Anyway, here's my contribution.
12/29/2006 - #457: king (413KB)  
The community has spoken (hi Gilas!), and King Raceway by Javier Febrero, despite its current 'beta' status, is getting The BAPOM Treatment. So it's 'final' as far as I'm concerned. Hopefully someone will be able to eventually track down Javier and get him to sign-off on his creation so it can appear in the TotalRank and various league schedules.

Check it out - it's really damned good, and pretty to boot.

12/29/2006 - #456: skarpnak (374KB)  
And here's another former airport track (in Sweden, outside of Stockholm - now a housing development) from Sergio. Drag racing and hairpins...
12/29/2006 - #455: zelt67 (385KB)  
New one from Sergio, this track is another take on the Flugplatz Zeltweg which held Austian GPs during the '60s (before the Österreichring was built). Compared to Raul's zeltflug, this one has been repaved (much flatter), making it better suited to the 67/69 cars.
12/29/2006 - #454:: jehon (402KB)  
Incredible new track from Jean-François Bovy and Alexis Bigonville - reasonably quick, flowing, and top-notch texture work. A real-life Belgian circuit made up of public roads. Wasn't used for auto racing (so that part's fantasy), but has held a number of motorcycle races. Plenty 'real' enough for those who have 'fantasy track' aversion issues.
12/29/2006 - #453: turin55 (417KB)  
Ginetto and Sergio have hooked up to release a new, more accurate version of Torino, a recreation of the real-life 'Parco del Valentino' races held in the '30s-'50s. This one uses the 1955 variation.

You don't need to download the program set - it comes with the track.

12/29/2006 - #452: watnite (377KB)  
Another entry in Fast Tommi's "night mod" series.

You don't need to download the program set - it comes with the track.

12/29/2006 - #451: zandnite (428KB)  
Another entry in Fast Tommi's "night mod" series.

You don't need to download the program set - it comes with the track.

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