High Resolution Posters - BAPOM Original Designs - Copyright 2002-2016, John Bradley

NOTE: None of these are 'real' historic racing posters; They are my own original-ish drawings, paintings, and graphic designs, done (mostly) in the style of vintage racing posters, for reasons that defy easy explanation. See the About tab if you really want to know.

These images are available in three resolutions: 3X (843×1293), 6X (1686×2586), and 12X (3372×5172). The 12X versions may be printed at true poster sizes (24"×36" @ 140ppi).

Usage Rights: You may freely download the images and have prints made for your own personal use. You may not sell prints, nor offer these designs on printed merchandise, clothing, etc. You may not host or redistribute the image files, except as required for printing. If you want to do something beyond 'personal use' with any of these images, contact me. I'm a reasonable man; and the answer will probably be "cool, go for it," but do me the favor of asking first.

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If you're outside the USA, or you have another printer you prefer to work with, that's cool too. While I'd like to sell prints directly, it's prohibitively expensive to ship them outside North America. So, as a courtesy to my European friends, I've made the full, non-watermarked images freely available... 'cause that's the way I roll, G!

If you have prints made, please send me email. I'm pretty much working in a vacuum here, and it'd make my day to know that someone else enjoys my work. Positive feedback kicks ass!

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You can purchase large-format posters of my work at Nomad Art and Design. They're an Authorized distributor, unlike virtually everyone else on the Internet, so when you buy a print from them, I actually get some money out of it. Which would be totally awesome, let me tell you!
You can purchase large-format posters of my work at Veramar Arts. They're an Authorized distributor,
and when you buy a print from them, I actually get some money out of it. What's not to love?

11/16/2004: The BAPOM '300' Poster  
Way, way back in 2004, all of us down here at BAPOM were inordinately pleased with ourselves for releasing our 300th complete program set. It seemed like a big number at the time... Anyway, this semi-remarkable achievement was commemorated with a special bit of large-scale art, a mosaic of all our cover designs up to that point. It's meant to be printed as a 30"×18" poster (or any similarly-proportioned size), and enjoyed in all its wall-covering beauty!

Clicking on the thumbnail will show you a screen-sized preview of the poster. Right click the hyperlinks and do a "Save Target as..." to download the design in various resolutions, all the way up to the monster full-resolution 8349×4941 version. Assuming you're so inclined, and have some way to make use of it.

Back in 2005, Jim Pearson released his monumental Isle of Man track. I was honored to have worked on it in some small ways (the cover, some work on the horizon), as Jim pretty much works alone. Me too.

The track blew people away at the time, both for its length and the sheer amount of detail work. The track is still considered the best track ever released for GPL by many, and definitely in the top 3 or so by everyone else.

I felt it required a serious bit of technical artwork to go along with it, to help give the layman an idea of the tremendous amount of work Jim put in on the track. The full-size poster was a monstrous 9000×13500 pixel 400MB Photoshop file, good for a 30"×45" print at 300ppi. That particular version has been printed exactly once, and Jim has the sole copy. I'm not making that one available, because even when JPEG'd it's too large for distribute. That, and simply trying to open such an image will still crush many systems...

Clicking the thumbnails take you to a pair of previews. The first shot is the complete poster, scaled down to a puny 600×900 pixels - it shows you what the thing looks like, but it's impossible to see any detail.

The second preview is a zoomed in detail shot (still only 1/3rd the resolution of the real thing!) As you can see, the poster features the track 'skeleton', with corner names, recommended gear shift points, and screenshots from every point of interest along the track.

Note that, because of the tremendous size involved, it's hard to get a 'feel' for the thing on a monitor. The previews don't do it justice. It's the difference between having a nice 3'×5' wall map, and using Google Maps. There's just something very cool about being able to see a large 'overview' and lots of fine detail simultaneously.

Trust me, if you like the IoM track, you'll want to have one of these babies hanging on your wall!