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John Bradley

Guitar, Keyboard

One of the founding members of the Fish, John is the harsh, yet cruel, taskmaster of the band. As a moderately talented multi-instrumentalist, he's ideally suited to his dual roles of Musical Director and All-Around Prick Bastard. John also serves as the band's resident "master of all media", as he has an extensive "recording, video editing, art, photo, web-design" studio, though he primarly uses it to play Quake3. He's the webmaster for this site, and does all the band's artwork. He also constructed the big light-up fish, which is always a crowd pleaser.

John is the son of the similarly-named John Bradley Sr., lead singer of The Kit-Kats, a band that had a great deal of local success in the late 1960s. Their hits included "Let's Get Lost on a Country Road", and "Won't Find Better Than Me", which peaked at #57 on the Billboard charts. Incidentally, they've recently had their best material re-released on the CD "It's About Time", which you should buy!

John has been playing guitar since 1975, and keyboards and bass since 1978. When he's not playing with the Fish, he has been known to join Hagan in the Fake ID and Project Suze-ko bands.

John is the author of the wildly successful shareware program xv, which is quite well-known in some circles, and completely unheard-of in most. By conservative estimates, there are over 15 million copies of the software installed worldwide. Really. Several users have even paid their shareware registration fee!

John also does web-design and C++ programming for Trilon, Inc.

When he isn't annoying his fellow band members, John collects and restores pinball machines, breeds basset hounds, and plays a mean game of Quake3 under the handle "Infinity[F8S]".