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What's Happening:

01/08/16: Guess what, I'm not dead – despite those viscious rumors to the contrary.

Anyway, I've got five new MegaPosters for your downloading pleasure. And by ‘new’, I of course mean “several years old, but were never released for a variety of reasons, including sloth, malaise, and general no-longer-giving-a-shit-about-ness” – but that's a bit ungainly, hence the term ‘new’.

Also, if you're in the US, go by some of my prints from Nomad Art and Design . The woman running the site is unique, in being pretty much the only "authorized reseller" to have ever paid me any royalties (yeah, I'm looking at you, Mister Veramar), making her completely awesome in my book.

06/22/11: The good folks at ImagePost are now offering selected BAPOM prints for sale. If you're in the UK, you should go buy some...

11/18/10: Tom Matthew recently commissioned a full MegaPoster version my old Argentina ba15 cover, and he’s made it available to everyone else for free download - because he’s a hell of a guy.

So there’s an exciting new service we offer! If you find something in the Covers section that tickles your fancy, and it’s not already available as a MegaPoster, ask away. You never know.

10/21/10: Ginetto's released Monza 1000k - the BAPOM progset is already included with the track, but there's a new MegaPoster if you're so inclined.

10/09/10: Ginetto's released Sebring 1967 - the BAPOM progset is already included with the track, so you can just go about your business. There is, however, a shiny new MegaPoster to go with it, so that's something, I guess..

10/03/10: Some updates. New progset for the recently-released Tronaasen. Progsets (that come with the tracks) for Dayto24h and Don37. Two new MegaPosters.

01/09/10: Jackseller has released his new version of Österreichring 1971. We've got the progset and a MegaPoster, and now you do as well... if'n you want 'em.

01/06/10: There's a new night track from Fast Tommi, and as you'd expect, BAPOM is on the scene.

09/29/09: A new track has been released (Mosport Rain, and BAPOM is totally on the scene with the progset and the MegaPoster. It's almost as if we plan this crap out in advance...

09/29/09: It's Out! The Targa Florio that is. There's a MegaPoster, as well.

09/01/09: One new progset, Killarney.

06/12/09: Three new progsets for you to enjoy: Randaberg 2007, Monacane, and Urbanya. So go enjoy them, already! And all three have big ol' MegaPosters available, for those of you who collect these things... assuming, of course, that these so-called Megaposter-collecting-people actually exist.

By the way, don't you just feel compelled to click that delightful candy-like PayPal button up there? (Sorry about the repeated hard-sell on that, but since I only release new content a few times a year, I'm going to keep mentioning it. Every single time... what with the soul-crushing poverty, and all that.)

New to BAPOM? The first thing you probably want to do is download our program sets for the 11 original GPL tracks. Then, go download everything else... it'll take a while! Browse the many pages of our award-winning GPL catalog, or use the handy pull-down menus on the progset pages to directly find a progset by name.

We currently offer a collection of "no sh*t, really?!?" 589 complete program sets. Every single track listed on the aGPLtd has a BAPOM progset available for download; us folks down here at BAPOM believe that if you're going to do a thing, you might as well do the hell out of it.

We also have 110 original, high-quality large-format (24"×36") posters that you can download and have printed, if you're into that sort of thing.

Friends of BAPOM
"Keep your finger on the pulse of the GPL Community the BAPOM Way!"
Bill and Dangermouse have been quietly taking over the GPL world during the last couple years. They run the GPL Track Database, host most of the track downloads, and run and the GPL Repository, both of which are invaluable to what remains of The GPL Community.

Note: the buttons scattered about this site used to take you to the Official BAPOM Release Threads for the items in question. Whether they ever will again seems doubtful, at this point.

Bill Cooper and Dangermouse have put together the all-new Alternative GPL Track Database, which, as luck would have it, is also the only GPL Track Database. It's a complete searchable listing of all the tracks that have been released for GPL. Most importantly, they maintain constantly-updated download links for all the tracks. If you want to know what tracks exist, and where to get them — that's where you need to go.

The buttons in the progsets listings will take you directly the the appropriate entry in the database. Two clicks and you're downloading a new track... how cool is that?

BAPOM is brought to you by the good folks at Barking Dog Design Studios of Folcroft, PA.

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