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Greetings, and welcome to The Official Home of XV. Here you'll find the latest info on all things XV, the official sources, a cool on-line manual, handy-dandy bug fixes, and so on.

In short, all the things you'd expect to find on an official home page.


All Things XV - Other Cool Stuff

The Dogs of XV  (Bradley yammers on and on about his bassets...)

You can now purchase a copy of xv with a major credit card, perfectly suited for all your impulse-buying needs!  If you've been putting off registering your copy because of the annoyance (or near impossibility, if you're not in the U.S.) of sending me a check, well, now's an excellent time to get on with it!
Displaying PostScript files in xv is (was) a potential security risk.  Who knew?  Get the patch!

XV running inside a Netscape browser window?  That's the damndest thing!

Can't display 32-bit BMP files generated by certain programs?  Suck on this!

Added a pointer to an updated version of the PNG patches.

What the hell is with the 1200dpi TIFF files?!?   Good question.

Hey, who wants to run XV on BeOS?  Check this out!

The 'Grab' command not working out for you?  Maybe this will help!

If you're gonna try and compile XV 3.10a on Redhat v6, there's something you should know first.

Put up a precompiled binary (an RPM file) for RedHat Linux (i386).

A new bug-fix - fixes an image display problem that would occur on certain 12-, 15-, or 16-bit X displays.

Added a link to giftrans, a useful little Unix program that can transparentify a GIF file. Damned useful, since xv can't!

Added a pointer to XVscan, Sean Reifschneider's neato-keen version of XV with scanner support.

I've packaged up the HTML version of the xv manual into a gzip'ed tar file. Suitable for mirroring on your local site, for all the obvious reasons. Please do so!

Who Do We Think We Are, Anyway?

We are your gracious hosts:

John Bradley - author of XV, maintainer of this web site, lazy bum, and all-around good guy. You'd like me if you met me at a party. Well, maybe not, but I don't go to parties, so what's it matter...

Dan Kirchheimer - Official Business Dude and Professional License-Wrangler.

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It's quick, easy, asynchronous, and if you're reading this, you probably have some.

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Faxing is so '90s -- not unlike XV (cough!). Anyway, the fax line has been disconnected. Please disregard the fax number that appears in the 3.10a distribution...
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