Hot damn!  You can now buy xv
with a Major Credit Card!

Important Note: In order to register your copy of xv, you will need to have the source distribution, and be able to modify and compile it.

If you don't already have xv go here first and get it!

This is due to an unfortunate design decision I made back in the old days, when folks were able to compile programs on their Unix workstations.  These days, of course, every single workstation vendor (other than Linux) makes you jump through some annoying series of hoops (no C compiler, no X11 libraries, etc.) before you can even begin to compile xv (or anything else for that matter).  God only knows why.

If you cannot compile the xv source (and please try it first, if you're not sure), you should NOT purchase a copy. 

Point being, if that's the case, neither you nor I can make your executable stop insisting that it's an "unregistered copy".  More to the point:  I don't want to start getting a bunch of "I can't compile xv, give me my money back, you bastard!"-type messages.  Now on the other hand, if you're able to live with that, and still want to send me $35, then hell, don't let me stop you!

Finally, when you click on the link below, you will be taken to the credit-card people (, and eventually you will be taken to a 'thank-you' page.  The page will contain detailed instructions explaining how to modify the source so that xv says "Registered to: Yo Mama", or whatever phrase you'd like.  That's it - nothing will be (physically) mailed to you.  Just so you know...

--jhb, October 2010

Oh yeah, one more thing - this link will only allow you to purchase a single xv license.  Eventually, we will have a system in place that will allow you to purchase multiple copies of xv, site licenses, etc. Or not.

That's fine - I'd like to purchase a single xv license now!

For those of you who need to buy larger quantities of xv, here's a link that will let you buy 10 licenses at a time, for discounted price of $300.00.

Great - I'd like to purchase 10 xv licenses!

Last Modified: December 06, 2010