Diamond Tuff Tanner &
Diamond Dakota Dooley (Litter #3)
Born: November 15, 1998
Sex: both Male
Owner: Jerry Davis
Location: Sharpsburg, NC
Adult Weight: Tanner 50lbs, Dooley 42lbs
R02-18.jpg (40270 bytes) Tanner, nine weeks old.
R02-19.jpg (39225 bytes)

Dooley, nine weeks old.

tanner.jpg (89871 bytes) Tanner, seven months old, 49 lbs.  He's gonna be a big boy!
dooley.jpg (89074 bytes)

Dooley, seven months, 42 lbs.  He's got his daddy's face.

tanner & dooley.jpg (88369 bytes) The boys at six months.
tanner & dooley 1yr.jpg (47882 bytes) The boys at one year - Dooley's gotten the better part of the bed.
tanner & dooley, 1yr 2.jpg (50933 bytes) Bassets often sit around waiting for food to fall from the heavens...
dooley 1yr.jpg (40055 bytes) Dooley, waiting for something.
tanner & dooley, snow kings.jpg (30852 bytes) Co-"Kings of the Hill".