Chumly Bob Dawg
Born: October 8, 1994
Sex: Male
Owner: John Bradley
Location: Bryn Mawr, PA
Adult Weight: 55 lbs
chumley, 2mos.jpg (76847 bytes) Two months old.
chumley, 4mo.jpg (85860 bytes)

Four months old, and pleading his innocence..

chum 6mo.jpg (71575 bytes) Six months old.  Note how his face has lightened up - he remains essentially unchanged (coloration-wise) from this point on.
chumley 6mo & sam 6week.jpg (49145 bytes)

Chumly @ 7 months, with his shiny-new child bride (Samantha, age 6 weeks).

chum 7mo.jpg (62874 bytes) Seven months.
chum 7mo, sam 3mo.jpg (40686 bytes)

Chumly & Sam - he's 8 months, she's 2 1/2 months.

chum 7mo, sam 3mo 2.jpg (40466 bytes) And she's taunting the photographer...
chum 2yrs.jpg (71557 bytes)

Two years old.

03.jpg (127266 bytes) Chumly, 3 years old.
24.jpg (126166 bytes)

"Go 'way...  sleeping!"

0018b.jpg (43972 bytes) Woofer In Profile
R3-06.jpg (127264 bytes)

Keeping an eye on the neighbors.

R3-21.jpg (126155 bytes) Her turn to stand guard.
R3-22.jpg (126208 bytes)

Clearly, something's afoot out there.

R3-19.jpg (125551 bytes) In retrospect, perhaps the neighbors aren't all that interesting...
R01-02.jpg (64436 bytes)

"A little something for all you fine bitches out there..."

chumly_xmas99.jpg (77630 bytes)

Christmas 1999 - like any proper basset, he glumly puts up with whatever indignities his owner thrusts upon him.

Chumly portrait.jpg (72432 bytes)

The thoughtful, introspective basset.

Dogs on stairs.jpg (91790 bytes)

"Really, we're done playing in the snow - can we go in now?"