Rudolph Alvin L'Achey (Litter #3)
Born: November 15, 1998
Sex: Male
Owner: Michele Achey
Location: Atco, NJ
Adult Weight: 67 lbs
R02-06.jpg (48300 bytes) 6 weeks:  Hey Rudy, over here!
Rudy_6wk.jpg (66847 bytes) 6 weeks: Such an attentive little fellow!
Rudy_2mo.jpg (108128 bytes) 2 months: Rudy playing with his favorite toy.
Rudy_5mo_1.jpg (87498 bytes) 5 months: With bassets, you never have to worry about your pillows blowing away...
Rudy_5mo_2.jpg (92717 bytes) 5 months: Practicing his howling.
Rudy_10mo.jpg (77877 bytes) 10 months: His first professional portrait.  He looks an awful lot like his mom.
Rudy_1yr.jpg (78246 bytes) 11 months: "I'm Batman, in a traditional Adam-West-y way!"