Samantha a'Pooch
Born: April 14, 1995
Sex: Female
Owner: John Bradley
Location: Bryn Mawr, PA
Adult Weight: 55 lbs
chumley 6mo & sam 6week.jpg (49145 bytes) "What's this?!?  A new puppy?  Why wasn't I consulted?"  Samantha, at 6 weeks.
chum 7mo, sam 3mo.jpg (40686 bytes)

At 2.5 months, she's taken a notice to the photographer.

chum 7mo, sam 3mo 2.jpg (40466 bytes) And decided she doesn't like him!
sam 6week.jpg (66608 bytes)

Important to hold the ears down - you never know when there'll be a sudden gust of wind.

sam 3mo.jpg (65334 bytes) Three months.
sam 3mo 2.jpg (60575 bytes)

"I'm in no mood!"

sam 4mo.jpg (77772 bytes) Four months.
sam 1yr.jpg (59062 bytes)

One year, and doing her killer bunny-rabbit impersonation.

sam, chum - 8-96.jpg (80801 bytes) As I said elsewhere, she makes a fine pillow.  And yes, I keep a floor jack on my bed.  Don't you?
sam 1-5 yrs.jpg (61801 bytes)

One and a half years old.

04.jpg (124209 bytes) Sammy, 2 years old.
12.jpg (124697 bytes) "Aww man!  Who farted?"
23.jpg (126373 bytes) "Listen bub, y'ever hear that old line about 'letting sleeping dogs lie?!?'"
0017.jpg (49670 bytes)

It's not that I set out to wake the dogs up so I can take these pictures.  It's just that they're invariably asleep!

R1-15.jpg (126658 bytes)

Art Shot:  "Basset by Candlelight"

R2-24.jpg (127258 bytes)

"Yo Ace, do you think it'd be asking too much for you to run the frickin' vacuum cleaner now and then?  Some of us gotta sleep down here, y'know!"

R3-09.jpg (124888 bytes)

Part of the fun of bassets is their general willingness to be put into stupid poses.

R01-03a.jpg (41213 bytes) "Yeah, I know, 'big as a house'..."  A very pregnant Sammy, right before her third litter.
sam_xmas99.jpg (68380 bytes) Christmas 1999:  "Great... antlers.   What's next - a glowing red nose?"
Sam portrait.jpg (82153 bytes) Tasteful semi-pro portrait.
Sam portrait2.jpg (63410 bytes) And another.
Sam singing.jpg (54108 bytes) And she has such a lovely singing voice!
Sam in snow.jpg (70376 bytes) Silently, the great white huntress stalks her prey...