Getting To, Entering, and Subsequently
Leaving Las Vegas

A Thrilling Tale of Rock Climbing, Pickled Wieners, and Caffeinated Beverages


How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The BMW

A few notes: this story is annotated with a fair number of photographs. In most cases the 'normal' links point to 640x480 images, approximately 120KB of data. If you find that these take too long to transfer, or whatever, there are 'low' resolution links for each image, which are typically 320x200 and less than 20KB long - these should (obviously) transfer much more quickly. Click on the green dots for the low-res versions of the images.

Here's a Google Earth fly-through of the trip...

Can I Get Prints of the No-Doubt Lovely Photos You Took?

Not any longer.  Sorry.

I Don't Care About Your Stupid Trip,
Show Me Some Wedding Pictures!

Hey, no need to be rude! You'll want to go here, and check out rolls 08, 09, 10, and 11.

Who the Hell is Writing This?

Me? Why, I'm John Bradley, and thanks for asking!

I've known Mr. Hagan for some 12 years now, and while I'm not one of his Oldest Friends (in any sense of the word), I am willing to go along with virtually any damned fool idea he comes up with. That should count for something. "What the hell, let's do it," that's my motto. This road trip is a fine example of where that sort of attitude can take you.

Anyway, those of you who don't know me probably aren't reading this (jerks!), but you may remember me as "that fat guy with the camera". As legacies go, it's not much, but I hope to live up to it.

The Wedding Trip - A Story in 13 Parts

Day 1 Philly to Cleveland Friday-Saturday July 11-12
Day 2 Cleveland Saturday July 12
Day 3 Cleveland to Dayton Sunday July 13
Day 4 Dayton to Mitchell, South Dakota Monday-Tuesday July 14-15
Day 5 Mitchell to Lusk, Wyoming Tuesday-Wednesday July 15-16
Day 6 Lusk to Las Vegas Thursday-Friday July 17-18
Day 7 Las Vegas to LA and Back (Almost) Friday-Saturday July 18-19
Day 8 The Wedding & A Night on the Town Saturday July 19
Day 9 The Pool Party & Another Night on the Town Sunday July 20
Day 10 A Day (and Night) With Hallie & Mike Monday July 21
Day 11 On The Road Again: Las Vegas to Tucumcari, NM Tuesday July 22
Day 12 Tucumcari to Carlisle, Arkansas Wednesday July 23
Day 13 Carlisle to Memphis to Home Thursday-Friday July 24-25

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