Our Mission

Our mission is to serve our clients expertly and wisely—to help them harness the full power of technology so that their businesses can flourish. With unrivaled thoroughness, careful attention to detail, and adherence to uncompromising standards, we deliver superior solutions that are absolutely right for our clients.

How do we accomplish that? We take the time to listen to what clients want. But our approach goes far beyond listening. We ask them questions and engage in plain-English conversation so that our clients and we have a common understanding of their challenges and their businesses.

Bearing in mind what our clients need and want, we work in a partnership of trust. As a result, clients ask us, and allow us, to do things they wouldn't ordinarily let others do. We want our clients to feel that we act as an extension of themselves—to act the way they would act if they could do the work themselves.


Trilon offers our clients a wide range of knowledge and talent from our experienced staff. We're often asked to produce our superior offerings in the following fields:

Information Technology Services

  • Projects
  • Support
  • Consulting

Audiovisual Consulting

  • Design
  • Installation Management
  • Control Systems