Neon Carrot Productions specializes in the creation and marketing of videos focusing on the "special" interests of modern, Internet-using adults.

We are always looking for motivated actresses, actors, and original story authors to collaborate with on new projects. We're here to help active adult Internet communities, dedicated to one of these special interests, realize their fantasies in the form of original video productions.

We like to produce creative videos with a dramatic or light-hearted story line. Designing bold costumes, creating unique special effects, or crafting an engaging plot makes the project especially attractive to us. If a particular idea is not sufficient as the basis of a single production, we can combine several elements from disparate, but possibly related, groups into a single video to broaden the appeal of the final movie.

Please feel free to contact us by email with your story suggestions, special interest ideas, or to offer your services as an actress or actor in one of our upcoming projects.