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NEWS: October 16, 2000

Halloween Hullabaloo in Havertown

Friday the 13th proved anything but unlucky for those fortunate enough to catch the Electric Fish at Peabody's Pub in Havertown.

Pulling in people from as far away as Lancaster and Allentown, and one fan who flew in from Cleveland, the band continued pushing the entertainment envelope in Delaware County.

Along with their usual eclectic mix of "danceable rock played loudly" the Fish sprinkled in a few Halloween and Philly favorites, featured female backup singers and displayed a dazzling array of costumes, all to the delight and amazement of the audience.

Displaying a taste for the bizzare which was perfectly suited for a full-mooned Friday the 13th,  the Fish time-tripped from the 50's with a hot version of Carl Perkin's "Honey Don't" to the 60's Easy Rider inspired "Born to be Wild" to an almost too-authentic version of the 70's dance hit "Disco Inferno." 

They continued with a big 80's set with Lindsay Bondurant supplying female lead vocals for the Human League's "Don't You Want Me" and culminated in the late 90's smash "Walking on the Sun." The evening concluded with the reappearance of the Fish's trademark "Satisfaction, Egyptian, Coalmine" medley, which left the assembled dancers tired but happy.

Among the celebrities in attendance were: Sonny & Cher, Annie Lennox, Gwen Stefani, Elvis Costello, Boy George, Billy Idol, Cyndi Lauper, Nancy Sinatra, the guy from Dexy's Midnight Runners and Bob Marley (or was it Peter Tosh?)

As for the boys in the band, we had Dan "Stevie Ray Vaughn" Kirchheimer, John "DEVO" Bradley, Mark "Slash" Litwack, John "Axl" Hagan and Mike "John Lennon" Ward.

Taking advantage of the free food, several organizations were out in force, most notably, the Philadelphia Gator Club and the Silent Striders Running Club.

Not content to give away food, the Fish also handed out prizes for costume excellence. The winners:

  • Most Original - Alicia Hicks - Gwen Stefani 
  • Funniest - Paul Amos - Austin Powers

Comment of the evening - from Andy Weaver, Lancaster PA:
   "I couldn't dance to all of your songs, but they all rocked."


More photos from the event can be found here.