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Diane Ward, now working at the Franklin Institute Science Museum, scores The Shades two nights work at the opening of the new Futures Center.  Mike recruits a horn section, and The Shades enjoy their finest hour.


Citing artistic differences, both Kate and Helen leave the band. Dave Mountain is brought on board to take over vocal duties, despite a near-crippling lack of talent. Still, personality and desire can go a long way.


After a year of intensive rehearsals spent refining the band's new, tougher sound, The Electric Fish (mk. II) make their public debut at the "Life, Be In It" Children's Party and Hosedown. Don't ask.


Mike and Diane hold the first of their now-legendary Halloween parties at their house in Upper Darby. Mike pioneers the concept of Living Room Rock.


At Dave's insistence that we "make it in the music business", the Fish begin a grueling tour schedule, playing three gigs in as many months.


Spent and weary from life on the road, the band returns to the studio. Upon quiet reflection, it becomes obvious that the non-Dave members of the Fish simply don't want to make it in the music business.


Realizing that it would be best for all concerned if he would go 'make it' someplace else, Dave leaves the Fish, citing "artistic differences" as the motivating factor. Dave forms They Eat Their Young, an overly-loud alternative band that met with some success in the Philadelphia area.


The Fish spend the year auditioning singer after singer, many of whom would mysteriously disappear after a week or two.


Mike and Diane stage the infamous "Star Trek Party," converting their living room into to an impressive reproduction of the 'holodeck'.


Desperate to find a new vocalist, John Hagan agrees to make Mike Ward an approved vendor for Penn's networking group, but only on the condition that he sing in the band. Mike agrees, and the third major iteration of The Electric Fish is born.


Impressed with Mike's vocal song-stylings and the positive, non-"making it" direction that the band was now taking, Dan retracts his earlier "never again" statement, and rejoins the Fish as a full-time member.


In between Electric Fish practices, Bradley finds time to record an 11-track CD in a collaboration with Bill Sullivan of Open Cage.


July 17th - John Hagan marries his number one fan, Leslie Bohlen, in fabulous Las Vegas. As expected, the Electric Fish attend.  The always-entertaining John Bradley documents the adventure in a somewhat-amusing 13-day, 450-picture 'photo-essay', a true tale of life on the road. 


The Fish play their first public gig in years when they get the opportunity to play at Mike's 25th High School Reunion. In a monumental 4-hour show (videotaped for posterity), the band once again demonstrated their commitment to the ideal of "popular, danceable rock covers, played loudly."


John's daughter, Carolyn Sarah Hagan, is born on April 12th. With any luck, she'll be singing backup in the band 10-15 years down the line.


August - the band plays the first of what will hopefully be a long series of gigs at the fabulous Peabody's Pub, in Havertown, PA.


October - the band hosts a monstrous Halloween party at Peabody's.


Who can say what the future may bring?


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