Selby's O'Barney Boy (Litter #5)
Born: March 8, 2000
Sex: Male
Owner: Helen Goslee
Location: Drexel Hill, PA
Adult Weight: not there yet!
buyer-charlie.jpg (72845 bytes) 7 weeks - off to the new home.
barney-3mo-11.jpg (14781 bytes) 3 months old - Poor tired baby needs to be carried around...
barney-3mo-10.jpg (42920 bytes) Barney and his 'old lady', Tickles (an 8 yr. old Cocker Spaniel)
barney-3mo-09.jpg (22191 bytes) Homeowner Tip:  If your deck railing should start to sag, simply wedge a small basset hound under it.  Bassets are handy, and economical!
barney-3mo-08.jpg (39446 bytes) A tug-o-war with Tickles.
barney-3mo-07.jpg (34428 bytes) The battle continues.
barney-3mo-05.jpg (20325 bytes) Ahh, the sweet taste of victory.
barney-3mo-06.jpg (21172 bytes) Chewin' on a green thing.
barney-3mo-04.jpg (38523 bytes) Yum - duck feet!
barney-3mo-03.jpg (23890 bytes) 'Father' and 'Son'.
barney-3mo-02.jpg (25145 bytes) In a curious turn of events, the puppy is the only one looking at the camera!
barney-3mo-01.jpg (33226 bytes) One often wonders how bassets would ever survive in the wild without humans to sleep upon.