The Hound Dog Formerly Known as Otis
Born: July 21, 1997
Sex: Male
Owner: Scott & Rosanne Trepel
Location: New York City, NY
Adult Weight: 60 lbs
Otis_3wk.jpg (94591 bytes) Around 3 weeks old.
Otis_4wk.jpg (16388 bytes) Four weeks old.
Otis_3mo.jpg (69073 bytes)

Three months old.

Otis_xmas98.jpg (88147 bytes)

Santa's little helper - a year and a half old.

Otis_sum99.jpg (71139 bytes)

Hanging out by the pool - and he's a great swimmer!

Otis_sum99_1.jpg (95302 bytes)

Two years old.

Otis_oct99.jpg (52046 bytes)

Some bassets try to look tough by donning leathers, but even so, they rarely inspire the reaction they're looking for.  No one is scared of a basset!