Miss Cassie of County Line (Litter #3)
Born: November 15, 1998
Sex: Female
Owner: Caroline O'Gara
Location: Ardmore, PA
Adult Weight: 50 lbs
R02-05a.jpg (57338 bytes) 6-7 weeks:  Off to her new home.
Cassie_9_mo.jpg (98638 bytes) 9 months old: Quite a toy collection she's built up.
Cassie_11mo_1.jpg (32925 bytes) 11 months: Bassets just need to know what's going on out there.
Cassie_11mo_2.jpg (54912 bytes) 11 months: "I'm busy, leaf me alone!"
Cassie_11mo_3.jpg (76868 bytes) 11 months: "Can I help you?"
Cassie _11mo_4.jpg (98153 bytes) 11 months: "My pillow!  Mine, mine, mine!"