Main Line April Mae (Litter #5)
Born: March 8, 2000
Sex: Female
Owner: Anne Duffin
Location: Rehoboth Beach, DE
Adult Weight: not there yet!
buyer-2spot.jpg (69008 bytes) 7 weeks - off to Delaware.
april-7wks-01.jpg (29095 bytes) 7 weeks old - enjoying the big fluffy pillows of her new home.
april-7wks-02.jpg (44517 bytes) And she'll even share her bed with her friends.
april-8wks-01.jpg (36919 bytes) 8 weeks old, with her Plott Hound.  And no, I've never heard of the breed before, either! 
april-8wks-02.jpg (41875 bytes) It's certainly one way to keep the carpets clean...
april-8wks-03.jpg (42395 bytes) Checking out the kitty-cat...
april-8wks-04.jpg (55499 bytes) "I suppose you have a problem with this?"
april-10wks.jpg (37858 bytes) 10 weeks - Making footprints in the sands of time... or the sands of Delaware, at the very least.