Maggie Rough-houser Floppyface (Litter #4)
Born: July 9, 1999
Sex: Female
Owner: Nancy Dolhanczyk
Location: Stone Harbor, NJ
Adult Weight: not grown yet!
litter4_04a.jpg (50116 bytes) Off to the new home - 6 weeks old.
maggie-5.jpg (52178 bytes) "Washin' the dog, washin' the dog..."
   --(an obscure Beavis & Butthead reference)
maggie-4.jpg (64463 bytes)


maggie-1.jpg (61796 bytes)

Oh, you can try to walk a 6-week-old puppy, but you won't get very far...

maggie-2.jpg (27559 bytes)

Who needs expensive dog toys when there's a ready supply of paper cups?

maggie-3.jpg (31973 bytes)

The traditional 'put-the-basset-in-the-snow' shot.  And as per the tradition, the basset in question would rather be someplace else.

maggie-6.jpg (31734 bytes)

Such as the beach...

maggie-7.jpg (26572 bytes)

Or a nice sunny sidewalk.

Maggie, at the campsite. (Taken in 2009, age 10.)

Maggie, out camping. (Taken in 2009, age 10.)