Holly Happy Hound (Litter #1)
Born: November 12, 1996
Sex: Female
Owner: Kathleen Bradley
Location: Wildwood, NJ
Adult Weight: 65 lbs
holly 4wk.jpg (94677 bytes) Four weeks old.
mom and holly 6wk.jpg (66095 bytes)

Six weeks old, with her new mommy.

05.jpg (126955 bytes) Holly, age 7 months
07.jpg (127192 bytes)

Holly, and her dad's butt

11.jpg (125600 bytes) Holly, Dad, and Mom, in that order
18.jpg (125741 bytes)

It's easy to do 'crane shots' with bassets...

08.jpg (55741 bytes) Holly, with her mother in foreground
holly 2yr 1.jpg (57376 bytes)

Two years old

holly 2yr 2.jpg (67599 bytes) She simply won't shut her mouth long enough for me to take a photo...
max holly 2yr.jpg (103090 bytes)

Holly (right) with her sister Maxine (left), both at two years.

Holly portrait1.jpg (71525 bytes) Portrait of the dog at four years old.
Holly portrait2.jpg (80001 bytes) "Moo!"
Holly portrait3.jpg (73684 bytes) "Do 'longing'?  Got it, how's this?"
Holly situp.jpg (77328 bytes) Amazing what we can do in post-production these days...
Holly lapdog.jpg (92226 bytes) They remain convinced that they are lapdogs, and there's no point in telling them differently.  They simply refuse to listen to reason.