Floyd (Litter #2)
Born: July 21, 1997
Sex: Male
Owner: Libby Apple
Location: Charlotte, NC
Adult Weight: 65 lbs
Floyd_4wk.jpg (24601 bytes) Around 4 weeks old.
Floyd_4.jpg (82584 bytes)

Five months old.  Wrasslin' with his 'cousin' Phoebe.

Floyd_5.jpg (88394 bytes)

"Mmm, Cracker Jack...   Hey, you've got thumbs, how's about opening this can.  C'mon, it'll be great, we'll share!"

Floyd_1.jpg (51526 bytes)

Snoozin' on his best buddy, Sam (a 13 yr old Golden Retriever).

Floyd_2.jpg (66635 bytes)

Snoozin' with Sam and his Daddy - even better!

Floyd_3.jpg (40376 bytes)

Hey, when you're as short as a basset, even a couple inches of snow is nothing to sniff at!

Floyd_6.jpg (51649 bytes)

"Okay, I'm smiling - you can take my picture now!"