Elvis Scooby Dawg (Litter #2)
Born: July 21, 1997
Sex: Male
Owner: Kathy Morgey
Location: Deptford, NJ
Adult Weight: 60 lbs
R2-04.jpg (126230 bytes) Little baby Elvis, around 3-4 weeks old.
Elvis_Scooby_Dawg_2yr_3.jpg (48975 bytes)

Not sure about this snow business...

Elvis_Scooby_Dawg_2yr_1.jpg (49291 bytes)

"Can we go inside now?"

Elvis_Scooby_Dawg_2yr_2.jpg (57595 bytes)

Ahh, much better - a basset's natural environment.

Elvis_Scooby_Dawg_3yr_1.jpg (49328 bytes) "Whassup!"  "Hangin' with my bud, watchin' the game..."
Elvis_Scooby_Dawg_3yr_2.jpg (40666 bytes) "Dude, like, I am *so* baked..."