Chester Q. Tracker (Litter #4)
Born: July 9, 1999
Sex: Male
Owner: Kimberly Krack
Location: Collegeville, PA
Adult Weight: still growing!
litter4_19a_small.jpg (2045 bytes) 'Chas' at 8 weeks
Chester_Q_Tracker_2mo_1.jpg (60152 bytes) Sleeping - just like a grown-up basset!
Chester_Q_Tracker_2mo_2.jpg (26928 bytes) Using his Jedi mind tricks to make the ball come to him.
Chester_Q_Tracker_2mo_3.jpg (32675 bytes)

Moseyin' around the house.

Chester_Q_Tracker_2mo_4.jpg (9477 bytes)

Turning the other cheek.

Chester_Q_Tracker_4mo.jpg (58186 bytes)

4 months old.  Bassets are one of the few breeds that do that "lying with their back legs sticking straight out" thing...

Chester_Q_Tracker_relaxing1.jpg (83754 bytes) 4yrs old.  Just chillin' on a Sunday afternoon.
Chester_Q_Tracker_sleeping1.jpg (68602 bytes) When he's finished his reading, Chaz enjoys a short nap...