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New Stuff!

Note: My dogs and I have retired from the exciting field of basset-hound reproduction. Don't bother mailing me, asking when the next litter's due - there's not going to be one.

Enjoy the pictures.

John Bradley
May 2006
A Clarification: I am not "selling puppies over the Internet", a practice I personally find abhorent.  I am merely displaying my puppy photos. Please don't ask me to "mail you puppy" to California or some such, because it's not going to happen. Anyone who actually wants one of these semi-delightful critters is obligated to come to my house (in 'beautiful' Bryn Mawr, PA) and interact with the puppies (and me) personally.  Thank you.
March 28 2004 Both puppies have been placed.
March 17 2004 New puppies, born Jan 24th. They're seven weeks old, and ready to answer your basset-puppy-having needs.

Bought one of my pups?  Got any photos you'd like to share with the world?  Want your dog to have his/her own web page like the ones listed to the right?  Please mail me your photos - I'll be happy to return them after I've scanned them.  Got any personal web sites you'd like me to link to?  No problem!

Dog Pages

My Dogs
Chumly Bob Dawg
Samantha A'Pooch

Litter #1
Holly Happy Hound

Litter #2
Eddie Einstein
Elvis Scooby Dawg

Litter #3
Barbara Big Catch
Diamond Dakota Dooley
Diamond Tuff Tanner
Hollywood Kielbasa
Miss Cassie of County Line
Rudolph Alvin L'Achey
Roscoe P. Coal-Train

Litter #4
Bryn Farley
Chester Q. Tracker
Maggie R. Floppyface

Litter #5
Milo Jeepers Creepers
Main Line April Mae
Selby's O'Barney Boy

Litter #6

Litter #7

Litter #8

Litter #9

Litter #10

Litter #11

Huge 'All Pics' Page

Why a Basset Hound?

A fine question.  No doubt you have your own thoughts on the breed, and by harnessing the tremendous time-wasting power of the Internet, I'm sure that you can find dozens of other people's opinions on the subject.  But you're here now, so you get my opinions - free of charge!

They're Wonderful Companions

I've interacted with many different breeds, and I've never met a breed more dependent on human interaction for their happiness.  My beasties follow me around the house, and simply won't wander off on their own.  On the whole this is a good thing; a dog that's not in visible sight is probably a dog that's up to something.  And unlike some of the other people-oriented dogs, bassets are relatively low-energy.   They seem quite content to follow you to wherever you're going, and then once it looks like you're going to stay put, they'll just go to sleep.  Probably on top of you.

They're Good Natured

They only look sad - in reality, they're quite cheerful.  (Inasmuch as it's possible to tell how 'cheerful' a dog is.)  They really like humans.   All humans.  They can be remarkably tolerant of even the most ill-mannered small children. 

Bassets do not make good guard dogs, as the biggest threat they're likely to present to a would-be robber takes the form of "something to trip over".  However, bassets may well make fine watch dogs.  Certainly no one is getting in the house without the dogs noisily announcing the presence of a new potential playmate.

They're Medium-Sized

They combine these handy features of small dogs:

  • They don't eat that much, so not that much comes out the other end.
  • You don't have to worry about them stealing the baked ham off the table.
  • When you're sitting down, the dog is still below you, where it belongs. This cannot be said for your tall dogs, and as a general rule of thumb, you never want a dog's butt above your head, or even at eye level.
  • As the body of the dog is at foot-level, it's much easier to 'nudge' the dog in the direction you'd like it to go.

With these cutting-edge big-dog design factors:

  • They aren't yappy little fur-balls.
  • They tend toward the sedate end of the doggy spectrum....eventually!
  • Large (and 'doggy') enough that guys can walk them without feeling foolish.

Yes, but what about your dogs?

chumhead2.jpg (1999 bytes) Chumly Bob Dawg.  Born October 8, 1994.   55lbs
He's the excitable one of the pair, just bursting with goofy lovable basset personality.  Of course, this often makes him a great big pain in the a--, but it's a tradeoff, y'know!
samhead2.jpg (2005 bytes) Samantha A'Pooch.  Born April 14, 1995.   55lbs
She's the quiet type.  Very calm.  She's also quite possibly as dense as a bag of hammers; it's hard to tell whether a basset is stupid, or merely obstinate.  In any event, she's completely pleasant to be around, and she makes a fine  'cuddly teddy-bear' (or pillow), for what that's worth.

Don't tell me you actually breed them!

Well yes, I do.  Actually, they breed themselves, but in any event...

Litter #1 Born: November 12, 1996 1 M 3 F
Litter #2 Born: July 21, 1997 7 M 2 F
Litter #3 Born: November 15, 1998 6 M 4 F
Litter #4 Born: July 9, 1999 5 M 4 F
Litter #5 Born: March 8, 2000 7 M 2 F
Litter #6 Born: October 30, 2000 5 M 3 F
Litter #7 Born: June 26, 2001 5 M 1 F
Litter #8 Born: February 14, 2002 3 M 2 F
Litter #9 Born: October 5, 2002 1 M 1 F
Litter #10 Born: June 11, 2003 1 M  -
Litter #11 Born: January 24, 2004 1 M 1 F

Okay, who wants to see some dog pictures?

While I have them organized by dog (click on either dog's head), and by litter number, I also have one big honkin' page of all the doggy pics on this website.  Enjoy!

You can contact me via email if you'd like, or via regular mail at:

John Bradley
1053 Floyd Terrace
Bryn Mawr, PA  19010