Miscellaneous Bits, One-offs, and Assorted Sundries

A few unique items that would otherwise get lost in the main 'catalog' pages.
10/03/2010 allprogs (213MB)

The Complete BAPOM Progset Collection (591 progsets)

Finally, the convenience of one-stop shopping comes to BAPOM. Do you like the BAPOM 'thing', but don't have the time to download and install all the progsets individually? This single zip does the whole thing in one easy step. Download it, unzip it to your GPL directory, and bam!, you're fully BAPOMized.

Well, unless I've released any individual progsets more recently than the revision date shown here... if so, grab those separately.

Note: this package installs GEM+ pics in the individual track directories, but those pictures get trumped by any equivalently-named files in your GEM picture directory, so if you aren't seeing the right pictures after installing allprogs, install the gempics package as well.

10/03/2010: allmaps (11MB)
A single zip file containing all of the maps (595 in total), in one easy-to-download 'pile' of cartographic zestiness.

Note: all the maps are also included in the allprogs package, so if you've already downloaded that, you're good, you don't need this.

10/03/2010: gempics (38MB) - 600 pics
A single zip file containing all of our GEM+ track pictures, for simple one-step BAPOM compatibility.

Note: all the gempics are also included in the allprogs package, so if you've already downloaded that, you probably don't need this. See the note above, in the allprogs description.

07/10/2008: 66layout (1.8MB)
When I finally got around to checking out the GPL '66 mod, the menu screens hurt my tender sensibilities. Stupid menu screens! Too contrasty. Too much with the background pictures visually fighting with the foreground controls.

So I went in and fixed 'em to be more in-line with look of the '67 and '65 mods.

The file contains 22 new PBF files to drop in your GPL 'layout' folder. You should make a backup of the folder first, just in case you don't like the results and want to revert to the 'stock' layout files.

04/17/2004: driverphotos (715KB)
Back in 2004, I cast a critical eye upon the post-race GPL Newspaper 'thing' and decided it wasn't quite right. The driver photos were too crisp, and had an impossible whiter-than-the-paper border, making them look cheesily pasted on. I also thought that the masthead needed to look a little more 'newspapery'.

Click the before/after thumbnails to see what I'm talking about.

The package contains a new set of b/w driver photos for the '67 season, as well as language-specific newspaper images for use with the English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish versions of GPL. Choose whichever one you like when you install the package.

Note: this package is not included in the allprogs package, as it's installed elsewhere within the GPL directory structure. So you do need to download this one separately.


07/18/2001 - #73-83: gpl11 (3MB)
A set of progsets for the 11 tracks that come with GPL. If you're new to GPL, this is arguably the first thing you should grab from this site... though there's the distinct possibility the the GPLPS Installer comes with and installs these by default. Don't know.

But if you need 'em (and if you don't have them already, you do), they're right here, free for the clickin'.

08/03/2005 - #331-354: rallypack (10MB)
A single zip file containing all 24 progsets in the GPLRally and GPLRally2 track series. This was originally a convenience at the time of their release, rather than force people to do 24 individual downloads.

These days, I'd expect most people would just grab the allprogs package and be done with it, but whatever. I've still got the file; someone might want it.

05/21/2007: nite-bonuspack (1.7MB)
Here's a special 5-track collection for the hardcore collector. Those of you who have checked out Fast Tommi's "GPL Night Mod", might recall that there were several (5) ancient 'night' tracks released way back in the early days of GPL: retextured versions of LeMans, Daytona, and Silverstone, Charlotte (N3 conversion), and Shutoko.

It makes sense to run those tracks in the Night Mod, so we're presenting a set of alternative progsets for them that use the same design theme as the 'official' tracks.

Note that these progsets are unofficial - they're unnumbered, don't replace the already-existing BAPOM progsets for these tracks, and don't appear in the allprogs distribution. They're just some bonus 'things' for those who care.

10/27/2001: newspaper-update (3.6MB)
An ancient update for some even-more-ancient tracks. Fixes the track-specific pictures that appear on the newspaper. Not an update to the newspaper itself (see above).

At some point in late 2001, I must have completed an actual race or some such, because I noticed that the track-specific newspaper pics distributed with BAPOM progsets up to that point were wrong. They didn't have the bottom shadow effect, and they weren't properly yellowed.

You can imagine my embarassment.

This package contains replacement newspaper pics for all progsets up to and including East London (10/15/2001 - #107). All other progsets contain new-fangled 'correct' bwpics.

Note: This update has been incorporated into the allprogs package, and any old progsets that got re-released since 2001. You probably don't need this, but it's here just in case.