10/03/2010: gempics (38MB) - 600 pics

The BAPOM GEM+ Pictures Collection

Paul Thurston's GEM+ application is more-or-less mandatory equipment for your modern GPL player, and is mandatory if you want to run anything beyond the '67 cars. It's also quite useful and good, so all the more reason to be using it.

GEM+ displays a small track-specific photo to indicate the currently selected track. These photos, called 'gempics' by me (at least) come standard in our newer progsets (07/11/2005 - #329: sanluis and newer). But of course, we have a complete collection of gempics for all the tracks. Just download this distribution and unzip it to your GEM Pictures directory (typically C:\Program Files\GPLSecrets\GEM+\Pictures), and you're good to go.

Note: The 'allprogs' complete progset package contains all the gempics, so if you've already downloaded that, you don't need to download this.