XV: Image Display for X11 Web Services BAPOM: Original 'period' auto racing art Trilon: IT Consulting for Small Business The Electric Fish: Rock Covers, Played Loudly! Barking Dog Design Studios Web Services

A team of experts providing outsourced information technology support to small businesses in our region. We also offer a wide range of consulting services, such as network engineering, audiovisual systems design and technical project management. Solving hard problems with you in mind since 1991.


The ubiquitous and time-honored XV is the industry-leading program for fast, no-nonsense image display on the X11 Window System. It's the de-facto standard and is still quite useful; many continue to swear by it!

Barking Dog Design Studios

Graphic design, illustration, digital paintings, posters, signage, photography, fauxtography, web site design, brochures, text layout, form creation, and much more!

The Electric Fish

The Electric Fish is a group of hard-rocking (and rapidly aging) engineers, with over twenty years of experience in the exciting field of “rock covers, played loudly.”


An automotive art project. Hundreds of hard-to-explain 'things' for the Grand Prix Legends racing simulator. Also contains a large collection of original, high-resolution auto racing posters.